Recycle containers are now available in a 24 gallon and 32 gallon size. The cost is $5 for the 24 gallon and $10 for the 32 gallon. Please stop in the office to purchase your recycle container.

Trash and recycle items will be picked up on Monday’s. Thursday’s will be for trash and 1 large item pickup. Residents are reminded that per the Borough Ordinance, trash is not to be placed outside until 6:00 pm the day before trash pick-up. Trash must be contained so trash does not blow out of the can and place trash in an area that does not hamper pedestrians from using the sidewalk or block the roadway. If trash collection falls on a holiday then trash pickup that week will be delayed by one day.  For more information please visit the Penn Waste website at or

To learn more about what can be recycled please visit the following website


Reminder to Residents:

  • Garbage cans must not exceed the 50 lb weight limit. If cans are too heavy, the cans will be left until the trash is separated into multiple cans. Cans that are too heavy can cause an injury for the garbage men.
  • All trash must be properly bagged. The garbage men cannot collect small loose items as this is too time consuming.
  • Dog waste must be bagged and tied! Dog waste placed in trash cans without being bagged and tied gets spilled when the garbage men are emptying the cans. Loose dog waste creates a health issue when it spills on the garbage men and on the ground.


Windsor Borough residents are required to recycle all approved materials

Electronics Recycling:  Act 108 bans both the disposal and collection of certain electronic “covered devices”. Electronics currently banned from hauler collection and disposal in PA waste disposal facilities include: televisions, desktop and laptop computers, computer monitors and computer peripherals (anything that connects to a computer such as a mouse, keyboard, printer, etc.). Material accepted in the program includes these electronic “covered devices” as well as other electronic recyclables including cell phones, vacuum cleaners, alarm clocks, irons and coffee makers or anything with a plug that does not contain Freons. Examples of Freon-containing items include refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

to learn more about what can be recycled and where to go please visit the following website:

Keep PA Beautiful just launched a new website ( ) to address the Electronic Recycling issues in Pennsylvania.